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etiology in statistics

We have compiled the data obtained during the last 5 years in our laboratory in order to offer you statistics about the presence and incidence of pathogens in the different processes, evolution of antibiotic sensitivity in Spanish farms, which serotypes are present...

You can consult or download them all here:

diagnosis offer

In addition to individual diagnostic tests, we have developed specific diagnostic test panels for species and age, which combine every technique in order to perform an exhaustive diagnosis. Here you can find the complete diagnostic tests offered for all species:

production animals

companion animals


It is not always easy to know the best way to deal with the diagnosis of a health problem. We have designed these guides so you can consult which is the most adequate sample, the materials you need in order to take it, and which is the diagnosis that will provide more information.

we work with the following techniques



  • MALDI-TOF technology
  • Isolation of common and difficult to culture bacteria, and identification by mass spectrometry (MALDI-TOF technology)


    real time PCR

  • catálogo kits qPCR
  • Detection of the presence of virus, bacteria, and parasites. It also allows to quantify the concentration and carry out the characterization.



  • discounts for quantity of determinations
  • The different serological techniques allow us to look for antibodies in blood serums against pathogens.



    Analizar si una bacteria es sensible o resistente frente a un antibiótico


    minimum inhibitory concentration

    Determining the lowest concentration of antibiotic necessary for it to be effective in an organism


    sequencing & typing

    Characterization of pathogens by molecular techniques: subtyping by qPCR or nucleotide sequence determination.