diagnostic services

Exopol offers a range of diagnostic tests including individual tests and specific diagnostic test panels for species and age

production animals

companion animals

How to proceed?

Consult our guides below. They have been designed to help decide on the next step after the diagnosis of a health problem. The guides are there to help you select the most adequate sample, tell you what materials are required, and which diagnosis will be the most appropriate.

we work with the following techniques



  • MALDI-TOF technology
  • Isolation of common and difficult-to-culture bacteria and identification by mass spectrometry (MALDI-TOF technology)


    real time PCR

  • EXOoneqPCR kits
  • Detection of the presence of virus, bacteria and parasites. This technique allows characterisation and quantification of the concentration



  • discounts for quantity of determinations
  • The different serological techniques allow the detection of antibodies in blood serums against pathogens



    Analysis of whether a bacterium is sensitive or resistant to a given antibiotic


    minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC)

    Determining the lowest concentration of an antibiotic necessary to be effective in an organism


    sequencing & typing

    Pathogens characterization by molecular techniques: subtyping by qPCR or nucleotide sequence determination