EXOone Pasteurella multocida

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a) 58 P. multocida isolations [cattle (n=8), swine (n=9) and rabbits (n=41)] resulted positive. This collection was conformed by isolations coming from respiratory, septicemic, mastitis and cutaneous absceses cases.
b) A panel of specificity with 19 most prevalent and related pathogens in domestic ruminants including Mannheimia haemolytica and Bibersteinia trehalosi. All of them resulted negative.
c) A panel of 72 clinical cases including 14 respiratory lavages, 35 lungs, 22 respiratory swabs and 1 oral fluid was analyzed by qPCR and microbiological isolation. This samples came from different domestic species: cattle (n=17), small ruminants (n=2), rabbit (n=35) and swine (n=18). Positive results were obtained in every class with a range of Cq values from 14.7 to 37.61. 46 samples out of those 72 samples (63.8%) resulted positive, however, just 23 samples resulted positive through microbiological culture. Every sample positive to culture was also positive for qPCR.

We studied the reportable range for this qPCR assay using a purified specific synthetic oligonucleotide (BRS2 positive control).

This qPCR kit can identify P. multocida from clinical samples and field strains.
• Maximum quantification limit of P. multocida ≥1010 copies/rxn.
• Minimum quantification limit of P. multocida = 50 copies/rxn.