EXOone Borrelia burgdorferi

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a) Six different genospecies belonging to B. burgdorferi : Borrelia burgdorferi sensu stricto, B. lusitaniae, B. miyamotoi, B. arinii, B. afzelii and B. valaisiana which were identified through sequencing by INVESAGA resulted positive.

b) An specificity panel of 25 related pathogens which includes bacteria, virus and parasites resulted negative.

c) This assay was used in a research project in which 384 samples coming from ticks were analyzed. Molecular identification of Borrelia spirochetes in questing Ixodes ricinus from northwestern Spain. Díaz et al., 2017. Parasit Vectors.

• We studied the reportable range for this qPCR assay using a purified specific synthetic oligonucleotide (VEC1 positive control).
• This qPCR kit can identify B. burgdorferi s. l. from clinical samples and vaccine/field strains.

• Maximum detection limit of B. burgdorferi s. l.≥1010 copies/rxn.
• Minimum detection limit of B. burgdorferi s. l. = 5 copies/rxn.