EXOone Campylobacter spp.

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1. A collection of different species of Campylobacter mainly involved in reproductive failures in ruminant was used to test the specificity resulting all of them positive: C. jejuni (ATCC3329), C. fetus subsp. fetus (ATCC 27374), C. coli (ATCC 43478).

2. Besides other 17 strains of related bacteria, virus and parasites resulted negative as well.

3. A collection of 891 clinical cases of reproductive disease coming from sheep (n=685), goat (n=189), and bovine (n=17) was analized resulting positive 8%, 7% and 23% of the cases.

· We studied the reportable range for this qPCR assay using a purified specific synthetic oligonucleotide (ABRU positive control).

· This qPCR kit can detect Campylobacter from clinical samples and field strains.

· Maximum quantification limit of Campylobacter ≥1010 copies/rxn.
· Minimum quantification limit of Campylobacter = 50 copies /rxn.