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environmental sampling

What is the purpose of environmental sampling?

Complementing farm surveillance programs by detecting environmentally transmitted pathogens (soil, air, water, etc.).

When can it be performed?

Prior to the introduction of animals. Cleansing, disinfection, and depopulation must be carried out before another consignment is admitted.

At any given time in order to detect the micro-organisms that are present.

What types of sampling methods can be performed?

dirty surfaces - boot swabs

  • objective: evaluating dirty areas where a high prevalence of pathogens is expected.

clean surfaces - wipes

  • objective: evaluating the cleanliness and disinfection of clean areas (rooms, passageways, handles, surfaces, etc.) to check if the cleansing has been carried out correctly and/or to check the decrease of the pathogen load by sampling before and after.

water control

  • objective: complementing routine water quality control analyses.

air control

  • objective: air monitoring by assessing the presence of pathogens (indicated for airborne transmission pathogens).
  • requirements: CORIOLIS equipment renting