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biochemistry & haematology

Haematological and biochemical analyses are of great clinical utility for detecting alterations in organisms quickly and easily thanks to the large number of parameters that can be assessed from a single blood sample.

control of the health condition of the population in relation to its productive performance

detection of subclinical processes and early-stage diseases

follow-up of the effectiveness of a treatment or of changes in the management plan of a farm

comparative studies between several types of management plans, genetics, diets, additives, etc.


different parameters in blood serum

  • excretion products formed in metabolic processes
  • intracellular enzymes released in case of cell damage
  • nutrients distributed through the bloodstream


blood cells and clotting factors

  • red cells (haematids or red blood cells)
  • white cells (leucocytes or white blood cells)
  • platelet series

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