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diagnostic service

infectious diseases

  • Real Time PCR, sequencing & typing, microbiology
  • isolation and identification of bacteria by MALDI-TOF

antibiotic susceptibility

  • antibiogram (Kirby Bauer) and MIC
  • (consult the content of the panels here)


  • toxicological analysis and detection of mycotoxins
  • (consult the content of the panels here)

budget calculator

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autovaccines for bovine

The indication of an autovaccine for the control of an infectious pathology in a farm or epidemiological unit will depend on the process observed and the pathogens obtained from the diagnostic tests. Combining different agents in one single autovaccine is possible. We offer different solutions for the following pathologies:








etiology in statistics

We compiled our laboratory data obtained in the last 5 years to provide you with statistics about the presence and incidence of pathogens in different processes, the evolution of antibiotic sensitivity in Spanish farms, what serotypes are present, etc.

download the brochure "Cattle etiology in the Iberian Peninsula: statistics

custom projects for bovine

Discover how we can adapt all our products and services to fit your needs.

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