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EXOPOL is a laboratory that began by offering solutions in the fields of veterinary diagnosis and the development of autovaccines in food-producing animals. After winning the first IDEA award to Corporate Institutional Excellence in 1992, EXOPOL opened its doors in 1993 as the first guest of the Business and Innovation Center of Aragon (Spain).

We are a team of more than 50 professionals and devote 25% of our activity to continuous research, development, and innovation projects. We currently offer customized solutions for swine, ruminants, poultry, rabbits, aquaculture, equine animals and pets. We have assembled a team of veterinary specialists for each species, as well as a network of technicians, spread out among Spain. We make sure the needs of our customers are met and we also provide an unparalleled level of customer service.

A total of six CDTI projects (Center for the Development of Industrial Technology), three Torres Quevedo grants and more than 15 international articles published in the last 5 years alone support our research career. This has resulted in a great diagnostic service that also allows us to continuously increase our autovaccine production capacity. In addition, thanks to our early commitment to the Real-Time PCR method, we have been able to develop an extensive catalog with more than 300 assays commercially available.

Today, EXOPOL is much more than that. Our new facilities have over 3500 square meters/37 600 square feet of laboratory spaces. Furthermore, our work lines include, but are not limited to, cell culture, the study of antibiotic sensitivity, hematology and biochemistry, intestinal health, and environmental monitoring. The expansion of our work offers a global and comprehensive overview of prevention and animal health.

We were born out of innovation, and we will continue to tread along this path.


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